Monday, June 9, 2008

Bugs and Crawly Things


Bring your mosquito repellent, or be prepared to donate blood. The mosquitos are silent and practically invisible-- I'm still not sure when they actually got me. I only know that I've been home for almost a week now and I'm still scratching. Spray that stuff on, even if you don't notice them, 'cause they're out there!


We saw a couple of them in our rental when we left some crumbs on the counter. They were just the little, regular kind-- not big scary tropical ones with wings. No big deal.


Lots of these little critters running around. They're adorable. And they eat roaches!


labsnabys said...

We never saw a single bug on our trip -- it became sort of our inside joke. I kept warning about all of these bugs, and my husband now thinks that Kaua'i has no bugs whatsoever. I'm not complaining! Normally I get eaten alive.

Faville said...

Lucky you! You must have been doing something right.