Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Fish at the End of the Road

The guy behind the counter at Peddle & Paddle was a man of few words. We asked him where we should go for our first try at snorkeling. Response: "go to the end of the road". Wondering which beach that might be, I tried to get an actual name out of him. Nope, he wasn't gonna tell me. "Just go to the end of the road, that's all you need to know". I found out later that the beach at the end of the road is called Ke'e. We liked it there. The next day, we tried Poipu Beach in the south of the island. It was a beautiful beach, but much more crowded. Jody shaved off his goatee in the parking lot so that he could get a better seal with his mask- it had leaked too much the day before. The snorkeling at Poipu turned out to be difficult; the surf was too powerful. I ended up with a mouth full of saltwater and a bikini full of sand. So the next time, it was back to Ke'e. We bought one a disposable underwater camera, but using it was more difficult than I'd anticipated. The fish just won't stay still, and I neither could I! I also found it hard to look through both the mask and the viewfinder at the same time. Next time, I would invest $100 in the mask/camera combo a friend had recommended to us.


labsnabys said...

I've been following your journey on Tripadvisor and came over to check out the finished product. I love your blog! I cracked up at the thought of your husband shaving his beard in the beach parking lot. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! My experience with the underwater cameras was similar. I got the Fuji instead of the Kodak since it at least had larger controls, but it's all pretty useless. I would have loved a great underwater digital camera. In my next life...

Faville said...

I'm just glad that we got some successful snorkeling in after he shaved! Otherwise it would have been for nothing. Next time I am totally going to buy this item beforehand:

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